Can we really know our true history?

You may feel you already know a lot about history. Believe me you don't. 


It is an almost incomprehensible fact that our commonly accepted history, taught in schools, written in thousands of books is mostly a carefully controlled fiction. To this day efforts continue to eradicate any evidence of the reality of the past.


There is still sufficient evidence available through serious researchers that demonstrate that there was a world-wide culture sharing the same architecture and symbols that has been destroyed and then covered up. If you follow the links suggested on this page and spend the time studying the enormous amount of research and evidence available you will understand the problem.



You will not be alone in questioning history. Sir Isaac Newton was possibly the most famous,  but by no means the only person the question the 'Scalligerian chronology', when he wrote his book: The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended


You will learn that the further back we go the more unreliable accepted history is. Even recent events can be recorded according to the bias of the recorder. As we all know too it is the victors who write the history books.




The Corbett Report

An excellent researcher. The link will take you to his site. From there go to documentaries and watch the WWI conspiracy videos.


Also the Big Oil series too as it will give you plenty of background to help understand certain information presented on this website. and Newearth Youtube channel

This website gives you a really good idea about lost history and what remains to tell us about it. We have a lost recent past as well as only being able to rely somewhat on myths and legends as to before that.


The megaliths website is not the most modern or stylish but does contain a llarge number of very interesting images. You can also navigate to the videos by Sylvie Ivanova on youtube from there

The new chronology

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