Because we have to know....

Humankind faces an immediate existential threat that is impossible to convey the seriousness or 'Terror' of in a few pages. A full comprehension of what is going on and what has happened in the past is impossible; however you can know enough to understand that we need to act now.


What is the problem?


The first and foremost problems are knowledge and perception. Both of these are very tightly controlled as you will learn through various areas of this site. Without the correct knowledge we will continue blindly walking into a future we have been warned about. With some simple but until recently occulted knowledge we will be able to change our perceptions along with our ability to discern truth. 


The first step in awakening is the realisation that the world is truly insane.

The second step in awakening is the knowledge that we are truly slaves.

The third step in awakening is knowing who our slave masters are.

The final step in awakening is the realisation of who controls them.

What comes next is up to you.


What is the solution?


Each and every one of us must take personal responsibility for:

  • All our own personal actions and their consequences
  • Thinking for ourselves and awaking conscience
  • Learning about the real world and not that fed to us
  • Assisting others to awaken

As a whole we must;

  • Stop 5G being rolled out without proper discussion about safety
  • Stop manufacturing plastics - so stop buying it as much as is possible
  • Stop the continuous slaughter of our brothers and sisters everywhere